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Raising the Consciousness, the radio show, aired for nearly two and a half years on AM950, which at the time was the Minnesota affiliate of Air America, as well as on Contact Talk Radio for an additional several months, which broadcasts via the internet and satellite radio throughout the world. You may now listen to shows on our archive page. The show is hosted by Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman, with additional production by Keith Helke.

The segments include:

Voices For the Mother: the artist's voice as a path to change

Integration: education and tips for integrating healing and awareness into our daily lives

Space Guru: how to simplify and adapt our external environment to meet our internal needs and life goals

Show #118: Guest:Suzanne Bryant, Film maker of "Yoga Is"

Show #117: Healthy Diet, Guest:Karen Ranzi, Creating Healthy Children

Show #116: Updating your Space, Preventative Health

Show #115: Karma, Conscious Money

Show #114: Awakening Creativity, Importance of Intentional Space, Angels

Show #113: Ascension Syndrome

Show #112: Guest:Rev. Paula Kuether on karmic circles

Show #111: Guest:Jim Walsh, Musician, Writer Guest:Joan Steffend, Author and TV Personality

Show #110: The Rule of Three, Suki & Kiko-Conscious Holiday Gifts, Guest:Laurie Ellis-Young, Author & Yogi

Show #109: Guest:Hugo Tlakatecatl, Water, Ritual & Ceremony

Show #108: Guest: Alan Brown, Hypnotherapist & Shamanic Healer

Show #107: Your Front door, Five Love Languages, Guest: Swami Pragyapad ji "the Smiling Swami" from The Art of Living

Show #106: Ghosts, Jimbo's Corner-Mid-Term Election

Show #105: Five Simple Tips, Repetition of Divine Name, Guest: Jen Johnson from Willow & Sprout Holistic Child Care

Show #104: Releasing Addiction

Show #103: Using Your Things to Attain Goals, Navratri-Celebration of the Divine Mother

Show #102: Perseverance with moving forward as an artist, Attachment & Non-Attachment

Show #101: Guest:Mike Kratochwill Owner of LAKAWA, Lakes Area Kiteboarding And Windsurfing Advisory

Show #100: Making a Decision with your house, Guest:Shawn Schuchard, Evolution of Human Consciousness & it's relationship to music

Show #99: Guest:Sufi Master, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Show #98: Live from MN St FairGuest:Keith Helke, Producer of show with random facts, Guest:Dr. Andy Hertel, people watching and sampling of mini donuts

Show #97: Introduction to Shamanic Healing

Show #96: Personal Stories

Show #95: Guest:Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Show #94: The Left or Right Brain Organizing Quiz, Guest:Pauline Kaplan, Therapist & Healer

Show #93: The Tipping Point of "Stuff", Guest:Christian Peterson, President of the MN Chapter of the Barefoot Running Society

Show #92: Keeping the Flow of Energy Open, Outliers, Art of Listening

Show #91: Simple Chakra System Clearing Methods, Guest:Dylan Fresco-Anton Kissbougel Technique/Fringe Festival

Show #90: The Chakra System

Show #89: Setting Up a Sacred Space Where Ever You Go, Conscious Communication in a Relationship

Show #88: Guests:Jariland Spence, founder of the Minneapolis Prayer Center

Show #87: Creating your own "spiritual path", Approaches to problem solving, Guests:Marilyn Moore & Dirk Cannon promoting the Local Documentary "Community Heroes"

Show #86: Guest:Sridhar Silberfein; Exec Producer of Bhakti Fest

Show #85: Gardening, Space Guru-Q & A, Guest:Jill Bernard; MPLS Imrpov Festival

Show #84: Guest:Rebecca Halima Hamm, Sufi Teacher

Show #83: Guest:Amy Joy, Dialogue on Intuitive Readings

Show #82: Colleen and Susan

Show #81: Guest:Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, Authority on Anastasia book series

Show #80: Painting, Thoughts:Word:Action, Guest:Divya Kanchibhotla, from The Art of Living

Show #79: Guest:Dave Stringer, Internationally Known Kirtan Musician

Show #78: Jimbo's Corner-the New Health Care Plan, Guest:Julie Delene, Ballroom Dance as a Metaphor for Life

Show #77: Frequently Asked Questions

Show #76: Why We Hold Onto Things, Forgiveness, Guest:Diedrich Weiss

Show #75: Messiness of Creativity, Definition of "Clearing", Guest:Will Steger Polar Explorer

Show #74: Guest:Echo Bodine

Show #73: Space Guru-Sensual Bedroom, February 14th Holidays, Guest:Pam Labelle & Aimee Prasek from the Restore Event

Show #72: Guest:Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Show #71: Guests:Chris Berry Grammy Winner, Founder of Panjea Foundation

Show #70: Space Guru; a case study, Guests:Theatre Unbound-Anne Bertram & Rebecca Rizzio

Show #69: Simplifying your Space, Unity & Gatherings, Guest:Theresa Rose, author of Opening the Kimono

Show #68: Guest;Dr. Norm Shealy, Q&A

Show #67: Guest:Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, Authority on Anastasia book series

Show #66: Solstice, Suki & Kiko's Book list, Prosperity

Show #65: Role of TV in your Home, Recommended Reading List Guest:Jaime Meyer Shaman & Drummer

Show #64: Guest:Kambiz Naficy Kriya Yoga Guru

Show #63: Childrens Bedrooms, Suki & Kiko's Holiday Tips, Music shaping our spirituality

Show #62: Gratitude of Posessions, Guest:Tim Miejan & Cathy Jacobson, With The Edge Magazine

Show #61: Guest:Dr. Paul Ratte Naturopath, Adrenal Stress

Show #60: Guest:Oshana Himot, Author of "All About Joy"

Show #59: Simple Tips-Taking Risks-Saying "Yes" & Removing blocks as an artist, Expansion on Room Trauma, Guest: Valerie Lis-Emotional Freedom Technique

Show #58: Community-Common Purpose, Gatherings for Healing, Kitchens-simple tips for kitchen happiness

Show #57: Teaching your kids How to Clean, The Artist's Bio-Rythm, Guest: Stephanie Kinnunen, Co-Founder of Need Magazine

Show #56: Breathwork, The Healing Modality; what it is and how it helps you

Show #55: Colleen's B-day, Intentional Space, Guest:Oake Gregory President of the Bioneers Conference

Show #54: Guest:Drew Misik co-founder of Healing Records Recording Label and front man of New Rebelution

Show #53: Guest:Dr Ibrahim Jaffe Sufi Master

Show #52: Space Guru, Your Questions Answered

Show #51: Live from the MN St Fair, Judgement, Your Command Center, Guests: Jim Robinson & Greta Grosch

Show #50: Live from the MN St Fair, Blessing of food, Harnessing of energy in your home, Jimbo's Corner

Show #49: Special Guest Host: Hanakia Zedek

Show #48: Room of One's Own, Dreaming about your space, Guest: Patricia Spadaro

Show #47: Health Care, Guest:Oram Miller

Show #46: Guest:Shaman Hanakia Zedek

Show #45: Trying New Things, Taking Your Home to the Next Level, Guest: Nate Stevens local Singer/Songwriter

Show #44: Inside of Home vs. Outside, Nutrition Series, Guest: Kathy Maxwell

Show #43: Commitment, Nutrition Series, Guest: Dr. Rhys Preston

Show #42: InterDependence Day, Guest: Katja Rowell with Family Feeding Dynamics

Show #41: Experimentation with your space, Guest:Pee Wee Dread local musician

Show #40: Smells in our Spaces, Guest:Debra Lindh-founder of Messy Face Designs

Show #39: Vision Boarding, Balancing Smells in your home, Guest:Kristianne Seelye-Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Show #38: Guest:Mark Murphy of WookieFoot

Show #37: Guest:Cinda Baxter, 3/50 Project

Show #36: About Us, Sacred Rearrangements & Fair Trade Om

Show #35: Sacred Feminine, Things to consider when picking a new house, Guest:Jodi Nelson Founder & Owner of Play it Forward Adventures

Show #34: Guest:Carole Hyder, Guest:Deanna Reiter

Show #33: Guest:Howard Beckman(Vedic Astrology), Guest:Jennifer Beckman (Gem Healing)

Show #32: Toilets, Intro to Keith, Guest:Jon Wayne

Show #31: The Power Seat, The "Right" path, Guest:Jim Self

Show #30: Guest: Dr. Norm Shealy

Show #29: Simplification, Guest:Paul Knutson

Show #28: Paper Trail-what to keep, Healing with Sound-Music, Guest:Dan Simon-Transformative Mediation

Show #27: Tips to Lighten up Economic News, Cleaning up Paper work/Taxes, Guest: Carolyn Vinup-Sound Healing

Show #26: Paper work "systems", Healing with Music, Jimbo's Corner

Show #25: Supporting Local Economy, Guest Rooms, Guest:James Twyman

Show #24: Time, Shelves-Collecting our Lives, Guest:Chances R Good

Show #23: Design via Color, Self Love, Guest:Chastity Brown

Show #22: Combining spaces w/new mate, Sacred Money, Guest:Phil Bolsta

Show #21: Attracting a mate, Ritual & Ceremony, Importance of supporting the arts

Show #20: Making Room for a Partner, Jimbo's Corner-Welcome to Barack Obama

Show #19: Guest: Dr. Norm Shealy

Show #18: Being Outside your comfort Zone, Your Basement, Guest:Laura Zabel-Spring Board for the Arts

Show #17: Guest:Carole Hyder, Guest:Brenda Elsagher

Show #16: Guest:Kathleen Anderson, Founder/Owner of Wintermoon-Summersun, a primarily all female Dog Sled & Kayak trip business

Show #15: Feng Shui Series-Part III, Suki & Kiko, Guest: Jim actor in White Christmas

Show #14: Massage, Suki & Kiko's Holiday ideas part II, Feng Shui Series-Part II

Show #13: Feng Shui Series-intro to feng shui, part I, Suki & Kiko's Holiday ideas, Guest:Joann Bruhn

Show #12: Devotional Singing, Creating Sacred Spaces, Introduction of Jimbo's Corner-Barack

Show #11: Gratitude, Simplify Space=Grateful, and FaceBook

Show #10: Guest:Dan Simon-conscious separation, Guest:Julie Rappaport & Lee Liberman, from Smokin' Yogi

Show #9: Our New President, Important Spaces in our Lives

Show #8: Disposable Society, Closets; Our Hiding Spots, & Our Civic Duty

Show #7: Obama's & Palin's Homes, and what they are saying, Guest:JoJo Lash

Show #6: Guest:Matt Olson

Show #5: Tapping the Inner Artist, Clearing with the Elements, Clearing Space

Show #4: Susan live from the 1st Annual Restore Event, Co-host Jill James, Guest:Yoni

Show #3: Water, Things having emotional imprints, Guest:Emily Goldberg

Show #2: Intro to Energy, Guest:Ellis, Award winning local singer/songwriter

Show #1: Paula Kuether